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The Atlas. Click for a larger view.
These notes attempt to explain the changes that have taken place in the Atlas.

Sadly, the validity and canon value of this map are in question due to the rehash of the Timeline. Please refer to the timeline for discussion.

The United States of America

The USA has dissolved, following the collapse of its economic and military power, caused largely by the emergence of the PetroEuro. What remains is now part of the UDC or a number of fragmented free states or New Galilee.

The United Dominion of Canada

Canada peacefully annexed most of the USA's remaining states after the rest declared their independance. They have also conquered some of Russia's territory after Russia declared war on the UDC, which ended in peace with the UDC keeping its conquered territory in compensation.

The European Union

After a rough first half century, the result of the oil producing nations switching to the Petroeuro gave the ailing union what it needed to bring about sweeping reform and the widespread acclaim of its members, with the exception of Great Britain. The new finances and determination lead to the rapid, if slightly turbulent, founding of the EU in its current state.


Although Australia retains its 20th century borders, it is one of the most Corporation controlled governments in the world.


China conquered North and South Korea, Bhutan, Nepal, Taiwan and Mongolia.

The Nigerian Union

After discovering rich oil reserves within its own borders Nigeria began an aggressive "Improvement Policy", which amounted to the invasion and annexation of a slew of central african countries, even going so far as using nuclear weapons (the origin of which have been kept secret by the NU for some years now, and is a sticking point in its relations with the rest of the world). Much of the south of the NU is a sterile wasteland, the result of global warming and a massive hole in the ozone layer. This is also the location of ISEC 01.


Israel conquered many of its neighbours; Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, some of Egypt, some of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It has also almost entirely annihilated the Palestinian people.


Mexico has conquered Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In a sweeping set of ideological and nationalist movements that have been compared to the Southern Baptist ideology in the rise of New Galilee, the Mexican people swiflty distanced themselves from European and North American influences when the United States economy broke down in the early 2010s, and by the late Comtech Era had become very nationalist, socialist, and Catholic. By rejecting what was called "Pensamiento Blanco" or "White Thought", Mexico sought to differentiate itself from the rest of Central America by going back to its traditoinal Native American roots, but retaining Catholic theology, culture, and morality. By the outbreak of WWIII, this ideological fervor had become so intense that the public support for the invasions was nearly immediate, on the basis that these countries had betrayed their roots.


The Nigerian Union’s discovery of large oil reserves dramatically shifted the balance of power in Equatorial Africa. As a result, eastern-central African nations quickly formed binding alliances with the surrounding nations when fierce battles began over the Ethiopian and Kenyan border, essentially becoming a single political entity by the time fighting was over. After thirteen years of fighting, the Kenyan Free Mind movement seized up Ethiopia, Somalia and scarce parts of Sudanese territory and created a larger and more prosperous nation, Talsoria. Talsorian cities, and in particular the dual capitals of Nairobi and Mombassa, are now the host to many new corporate headquarters, and Nairobi has been called 'Earth's New Las Vegas', by Global Tourism Quarterly. Within the bounds of Talsoria, many things are legalized that would not be found in other places, spectator killing is quite popular in the region, as well as the more harmful or potent recreational drugs.

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