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Weapon Overview

Magazine Capacity 3 bolts
Maximum Ammunition 18 bolts total
Rate of Fire 1 bolt/second
Damage Per Hit 85 per bolt

127 per bolt headshot

Accuracy Spread 0°, stabilized low velocity
Secondary Fire Discharge oldest charged bolt

48 damage at discharge

Availability Light

The Boltgun fires a sharp metal projectile that is charged with electricity. The bolt will do substantial damage to anyone it hits. While the bolt is in the air, or if it hits a wall or the floor instead of an enemy, the alternate fire will discharge the electricity, damaging everyone in a small area around it. The electricity cannot be discharged after hitting an enemy. If the alternate fire is not hit, the bolt will automatically discharge after a brief period of time.

The bolt is a projectile that moves with finite speed, so it can be necessary to aim ahead of moving targets, especially at close range where the angular difference is most noticeable. The bolt will also bounce off solid objects if it hits them at an angle. This can be used to shoot around corners.

The Boltgun has a very small magazine, a low rate of fire, and a high reload time, though individual bolts can be loaded and fired without reloading the full magazine. This is compensated for by each bolt's large damage and its effectiveness over a range of distances, unlike the Light's other weapons which are only effective at either short or long range.

Usage Guidelines

  • Primary fire shoots a bolt with perfect accuracy. Although it moves quickly, it does not reach the target instantly, so keep this in mind and be sure to lead moving targets at a distance.
  • Secondary fire discharges the bolts in sequence, with each discharge doing a small amount of damage to anyone near it.
  • The Boltgun only holds three bolts at once, and is reloaded one bolt at a time, so remember to reload often.
  • You can discharge a bolt while it is still in mid-air, to hit enemies in open spaces. You can also deliberately fire a bolt into a wall to hit a foe hiding nearby or round a corner with the discharge. In particular, this suppression is most notable when used in a position a Grenade Launcher cannot fire, such as inside a vent or on a very high ledge.

Tips and Tricks

  • The Boltgun is an excellent hit-and-run weapon. Turn on stealth, run around a corner, fire off your bolts at the enemy, then run back to reload and recharge your energy.
  • The discharge does not do as much damage as a direct hit, but is better than a clean miss. If an enemy is entrenched behind cover, pepper the area around them with bolts to wear them down with discharge damage.
  • If you suspect a stealthed enemy is around a corner, fire a bolt into the opposite wall. The hitbeep will reveal them, and you or a teammate can use Thermal Vision to keep them from getting any closer.
  • Try to let bolts loose in vent systems (if there are no friendlies around). They will bounce around like rubber balls, and are almost guaranteed to hit unwanted vent crawlers.
  • The Boltgun is a relatively quiet weapon. Combining the Stealth implant, the Sound Suppressor implant, and the Katana can help to keep you hidden from your opponents, even far behind enemy lines.
  • Wired Reflexes lower the Boltgun's reload time, and can be very valuable, because reloading is required frequently.
  • The Boltgun deals extra damage with headshots. A headshot will kill a light in a single shot, and deals a great deal of damage to the other classes.
  • With practice and good timing, it is possible to discharge a bolt just before directly hitting an enemy. This can boost the potential for damage even further.
  • Heavy players often hide behind corners, but accidentally expose themselves by underestimating their size. Shoot the opposite wall and then the offending body part. The direct hit and subsequent discharge makes for a great one-two punch.

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