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Government organisations assume a different role than they did at the start of the 21st century. Most governments are now seen as maintainers of the status quo (at best). The role of government is to keep all the gears in the machine of society turning; making sure all the parts are oiled and running smoothly, and to be "everywhere at once"; a constant, watchful presence.

The Role of the Government in 2063

Generally, corporations make the decisions on the route of human progress. Most corporations have huge influence over governments, but this influence is subtle. It is never a direct control system. Quite to the contrary, big corporations prefer secrecy and acting behind the scenes. For instance, a corporation opposed to a bill would simply blackmail the government that conceived it. The corporation could achieve this by threatening to stop selling its goods in the domain of the respective government. The pressure is usually enough to cause a swift retraction of the legislation.

Governments, officially, control the police, the military, and the municipalities. However, most power and water is purchased from corporate sources, and most police forces are provided with corporate "donations" of equipment and funds. In some cases, even militaries are more eager to follow corporate interests rather than the government they serve.

Governments are also responsible for the mundane chores that keep a country going. They manage the power grids, maintain the roads, police the sprawls, and initiate "public interest projects". The largest to date is the Municipal Arcologies Initiative, which is largely responsible for the scabs.


Governments' police departments are different from their counterparts of the early 21st century. They are almost entirely made up of riot police; some cities field thousands of cheap riot control units. Small investigative teams still exist, but most people hire corporate security for murder investigations and the like. The main purpose of the police is to prevent and neutralize large scale violence, or at least contain a situation until CorpSec teams arrive.

Police in full riot gear

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