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This is a list and short description of Punk organisations. They are essentially any group operating against or at odds with corporations. While not necessarily outlaws, the vast majority of punks are wanted by government organisations or corporations around the globe.

The Place of Punks in 2069

"Punk" is a very broad title, given to many dissimilar groups. Loosely defined, Punks are organisations of people that can be hired for mercenary missions and/or that operate outside of the "normal boundary" of the law. These groups range from highly trained special forces, rivaling CorpSpecs, to the local mafia's hitmen.

Punks are, inherently, dangerous to deal with. Any form of contractual mercenary force, operating without proper documentation, is illegal in almost all modern countries. Discovery of a contract can be disastrous to both the client and the punk organisation. This leads to many clandestine meetings in back-alleys between corporations' representitives and Punk mouthpieces. It is dangerous to make connections with a punk organisation, not only because of legal impositions; but also because of the unpredictability, and secrecy, of the groups. Hired Punk factions could, unknowingly, be allies with a rival organisation of the client. Revenge killings are not unknown. Double-crossing is also disastrous, occuring when a Punk faction accepts contracts from opposing forces, and secretly sabotages both, while taking both payments.

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