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This is a list of major urban centers worldwide. Due to shifting global power trends, many cities in Dystopia's world no longer resemble their historical counterparts, and many nominal "cities" exist only as corporate industrial plants with worker lodgings added on as an afterthought.


Adding a New City Entry

As entries are made here, we will add them to the Atlas, possibly within localised maps (like a larger map for south east Asia). Here are some guidelines to helping us add your city entry to the map.

  • If the city you are describing is a new city, please include its geographic coordinates. For example, "Nanotown, 10.543 N, 65.86 E"
  • If it's a city that grew out of an old one, then write, for example, "New Denver, from Denver". If the city has moved, then write "New Denver, 10.543 N, 65.86 E, from Denver".
  • If you want a city removed (maybe it was nuked), then give its name and what's left over. For example, "Abijan, nuked, radioactive ruins".

Operational Land Based Cities

Border City

Closed Due To Civil Unrest-Class 4

A small sovereign nation deep in Eastern Europe, the towering megalopolis of Border City is the final location in existence with zero laws governing electronic information, copyrights or narcotics. With such permissive laws, order in Border City is maintained through the ominous threat of swift and forceful neutralisation of any and all civil unrest, and the complete prohibition of firearms and weaponry, by the omnipotent governing body. The lack of electronic information laws freely allows hosting, distribution and sale of legal documents, government records, contraband programs and pirated electronic entertainment and software.

Border City is located on the northern coastline of the Caspian Sea on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan.


A city of moderate beauty, its one of the few cities that floats out on open ocean. Its economy is self supporting and it has fewer than normal corporate influences. Its primary industries are fisheries and kelp farms, mining undersea resources, and cybram crystals. It is situated relatively near Atlantis.


Redeveloped over the Algeria city Ghardaia by Ibasa, it is the position of a major solar panel array which was installed after prices for equipment drastically dropped and Ibasa saw the opportunity to export cheap solar energy to Europe and Asia. Conditions are dark as nearly the entire city is covered by solar panels.


Capital of United Kingdom, Houses Of Parliament Remain as monument to the past. The Parliament Moved to the Andesa Dome in 2040, after structural problems in the old building. The Central area of the city is thriving, but the slums and suburbs stretch for several miles out of the city with poor conditions. The City is now filled with skyscrapers and has a XNOX subway system, which was redeveloped from the old underground rail network. Air-Flex tubes are the main pedestrian transport. Trams are also widely used.


After several large earthquakes in the 2030s, the entire San Francisco Bay Area was taken over by the New San Francisco Redevelopment Coalition. Soon under this regime's power, the large cities grew unchecked, until they merged into one large urban area. The BART system was transformed into a large subway system covering almost all of NSFRC City. After large increases in taxes in 2054, tons of poor people started mysteriously disappearing. Today, the city is in perpetual darkness due to NSFRC City's lax stance against pollution. The Golden Gate Bridge, formerly a symbol of the area as a whole, now stands abandoned, standing in a Bay of oily waste.


30.08 N, 32.21 E

During the latter-day Comtech era, radical fundamentalism was rampant throughout the world. Many groups, now called 'terrorists' by their enemies, struck guerrilla blows against countries they deemed heretical or threatening. One such hotspot was in the Middle East. With many of its citizens growing weary of the near-constant warfare and destruction, approximately 15,000 citizens from across the desert gathered southeast of Cairo on the Nile River, establishing the town of Sobek-Re. During the disastrous global warming and ozone degradation, Sobek-Re was bathed in radioactive light, nearly destroying the developing city. The moderately-wealthy citizens, with no taxes or other major holes in income, have become a fully-subsidized town of Utopia Corporation, with copious amounts of corporate loyalty and advertising in return for well-made Arcologies protecting the vast majority of its 20,000-strong citizens from the sun's ultra-violet radiation. Sobek-Re's citizens have embraced the neo-classical style of Ancient Egypt.


Expanded 124km North + 81km South along the coast from Modern day Sydney

With the comparatively little patriotism its multi-cultured citizens display, Sydney has disowned its government even more so than usual in Dystopian countries. Sydney's positioning relative to the UH-4 Plants has made it popular for its climate, and as a result many of the world's most prestigious Arcologies have been constructed there. Fringe economic benefits from the abundance of Arcologies here make up more than 25% of the Australian government's income. Sydney is also visible from space.


Toronto is the most populated city in North America. The city was divided into 6 districts in 2044, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta. The quality of the city ranges from area to area, for example, the southeast area of Gamma district is relatively free of crime, however most of Epsilon district is rampant with destruction and crime. The United Dominion of Canada handed control of Toronto over to a new megacorp, TorontoTech, because they were unable to actively monitor the city. TorontoTech regularly raids known Punk areas in attempts to keep the city as crime-free as possible.

New Denver (White Tower City)

A new city of the Corporate-State Era that was constructed to mark the power of the North American Free State of Colorado.

Unconventional Cities


Recently hit by a terrorist attack

The first self contained aquatic city. It is famous for the Atlantis Bazaar and Neptune's Dome, a massive sporting arena. With a Space Elevator at its center, it is one of the few major routes into space, although with the advent of ISEC 01, the future of its importantce is in flux. Also, it has an openly rebellious attitude towards corporations, many rumours abound about bribes from Aphrodite Escorts and others to use spare space on or even get more exclusive usage of the elevator.

Elysian City

An airship colony; shifting coordinates.

A city-state built with the ideal of individual freedom. Unlike most other states, is (in theory) controlled directly by corporations that own property (such as a corporate skyscraper) within the city.

Primus Libera

A major base of the Delta Wave faction. This base is still hidden, and is believed to infact be spread through out several cities. So far raids have revealed nothing but its existence. All messages that describe it are so well encrpyted it is often believed nothing was even sent as it seems to often translate into gibberish.

Wind City

An airship colony; shifting coordinates.

Abandoned/Destroyed Cities


Nuked, radioactive ruins.

Abijan was destroyed during the Nigerian Union's formative war by Nigeria with a short range nuclear missile (where they obtained this missile is unclear).


Nuked, radioactive ruins. Malabo was destroyed during the Nigerian Union's formative war by Nigeria with a short range nuclear missile (where they obtained this missile is unclear).

New Roma

1.344 km NE from 2006 Rome.

Abandoned, Due To Utopia Pullout

New Roma was an attempt by the Utopia Corporation to revive the look of rome in 2034, but with numerous improvements. The most embellished improvements were the Arc Of Gaeddes, and the Central Arcological Dome. After the reconstruction of 2045, Utopia deemed the project too costly and removed all assets. Today New Roma lies a shell of a vision that Utopia's founder had.


Mostly abandoned, with military civil war. 49° 53' North 97° 10' West.

The once regular city of Winnipeg was mostly destroyed by global climate change, not war. But as others got warmer, Winnipeg was one large exception, and it's regular climate lowered to unbearable degrees. It's normal nickname was Winter-peg, but as the city was destroyed by frost alone, most people abandoned the old name and adopted the new one. They even wrote it on all the town signs, as mainly a warning. Those who wanted to keep the old name died first, like god wanted the new name to belong... And now it is a frozen metropolis with barely anyone alive, but unknown to the survivors, the military had a bunker made underground, and they are advancing nuclear weapons beyond the point of use, to insure that the city once more becomes heated. A civil war is about to break out among the military with who is with and against the side of the nuclear weapons.


Radioactive, abandoned but intact.

With the destruction of Malabo, Yaounde was badly contaminated by the fallout. There was no evacuation because the government of Cameroon had no contingency plan to deal with the situation and had no where near the resources to affect an evacuation. Millions died as a result. The city remains largely intact, but highly radioactive. Yaounde is a source of power and cyberspace access for ISEC 01's Medusa Complex.

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