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Author Remonttimies
Official Map? No
Setting Capture Desert Facility
Current Version dys_desert_v3_b1
Featured Corporation DusTecH
Punks Involved
Walkthrough Changelog


This map was initially created for the Dystopia Competition. Desert is a very large map, and quite different from most other Dystopia maps. Discarding the idea of dark urban environments, it is based in a desert environment where a major corporation has built a huge facility.

Desert also used to be the first Dystopia map to successfully combine both vehicular play and real objectives, but the vehicles have been removed from Dystopia since then.

The Story

A punk organisation near the DusTecH Desert Facility is running low on power because one of their primary power plants is toast. The faction has decided to take over the Desert Facility, and already rerouted outlying power suppliers to fuel their base. DusTecH officials used internal overrides to disable those suppliers, and has deployed a group of commandos to protect their facility.

The punks have set up a small outpost in an old nearby fuel station, and are ready to launch the assault take over the stronghold and flip the overrides. The facility's control room has been hacked to transmit access codes for the overrides, but the system has a physical switch that must be tripped before the new routine can be executed. This is the only chance the faction will get before DusTecH is able to send heavy reinforcements and lock down the area completely.

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