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Dystopia is a free, team based, Source Engine mod. In its cyberpunk universe dominated by megacorporations, players serve as combat clones. They fight for two warring factions, either as oppressed renegades (the punks) or private security contractors (the corps).

The primary game mode is asymmetrical and objective driven, where one team holds out while the other fights against the clock. Every map contains a sequence of objectives. Each of these objectives is unique, located in its own area, and associated with multiple interactive devices. The offensive team must complete every objective on the map to win a round.

An artist's rendition of a cyberpunk city
Part of cyberspace in Fusion

Because of cyberspace, each environment is dual-layered and demands coordinated action from both teams. Cyberspace is a three-dimensional manifestation of computer networks, a second world sprung from technological advancement. Deckers use cerebral implants to leave their meat-sacks behind and fight over the tangible, digital realm. As avatars, they traverse the memory of servers, execute programs, orient with different protocols, and transfer through data links. Servers contain nodes that house the control panels of crucial devices. Programs let players interact with these nodes, derez opposing avatars, and accelerate their own movement.

Bloody carnage fills meatspace. In this future, organizations get away with murder, but for clones, respawn technology means death is temporary. Keeping the enemy dead and teammates alive requires superior aim, tactical positioning, and communication. Loadouts are fully customizable, and with every respawn comes a chance to change armor class, primary weapon, and implant selection.


Render showing teams, classes, and primary weapons

Assume the role of a heavily-augmented combat mercenary armed to the teeth with the latest in combat technology, or a twitch-reflex cyberdecker rushing to infiltrate cyberspace nodes. Dystopia's action-packed battles are completely immersive. With intelligent, coordinated strategies, and skillful use of the high-tech arsenal made available to them, teams jack in and kick ass.

Note: You can find more Dystopia pictures, screenshots, and videos in the media section.
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