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Wiki Projects

Dystopia Manual

Help make the manual for the next version of Dystopia! Due to the complexity of the game, a bunch of people felt that Dystopia needs a new up to date manual that is as useful and concise as the old one. You can help by looking over all these pages, and editing relevant information or commenting on the talk pages. Everyone can do it!

We are now working towards updating all the game information in the Wiki to make it accurate for 1.2! Please take a look at the Outdated Game Info pages, and check the 1.2 changelogs for up-to-date information.


With as much new content as the wiki gets, sometimes sub-par articles are created. Lend a hand in reviewing and editing these articles so that everything looks as neat and professional as possible.

Review recent changes | Review new pages | Review changes on my watchlist

Examine articles for accuracy | Expand short articles | Check articles for inconsistencies

Check for broken redirects | Check articles for double-redirects | Check unused files

Review the most popular articles | Review the most linked-to articles | Review unused categories


If you want to really help the Dystopia community, please try writing new content, classifying and updating existing articles, or linking up orphaned articles (a page becomes orphaned when nothing links to it).

Create a previously "red-linked" article | Update outdated articles | Confirm requested information

Categorize articles | Link articles to orphan pages


If you speak a languages beside English, we would appreciate if you could help us to have updated and proper translations for in-game usage, and for Dystopia's description.


Damage Table

If you can, confirm numbers or add information to the Damage Table which is currently under development.

Wiki Statistics

If you are looking for something cool, be sure to gasp in awe at the awesome statistics of this wiki.

External Links

Official Forum: Dysinformation Wiki Discussion Board

Official IRC Channel: irc.gamesurge.net #dysinformation (irc://irc.gamesurge.net/dysinformation)

Official site: http://www.dystopia-game.com

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