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The Global Banking Initiative or GBI is the world's primary source for financial aid to large corporations seeking big loans for private research and construction projects. Only the top couple percents of the population are allowed to hold savings accounts with the bank for security reasons because of the large loans they are required by corporations. They always maintain a strong presence on cyberspace within their own networks to protect their extremely valuable information from any script-kiddie with an ICEbreaker from breaking in and channelling the virtual cash into various untraceable local accounts. The company also supplies the digital monetary transfer system for the exchange of cash to the general populace.</nowiki>

The GBI was founded almost immediately after the nosedive of the USD. It is theorize that the company's founder was behind a scheme to sell off billions of American dollars months before the abandoning of the USD for the PetroEuro (and bankrupting millions in the process). The anonymous founder then created the GBI with this large influx of cash to begin the company. This is also a possible reason that the company invented the algorithms with which to accurately at any given second be able to exchange any amount of money in one form and immediately convert it into the desired currency.

The GBI has at least one branch on each continent, but the main headquarters where the primary data and backup data is stored is unknown but rumoured to be located in the Appalachian Mountains of North America due to the low density of the population and overall friendliness to corporations which cannot be directly attributed to harm in a community. The GBI thusly keeps as low a profile as possible.

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