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In-game Terms

Cyber Def

Stands for cyberspace defences. Refers to the defensive programs you can place on nodes - a player might say "capped turrets, but no cyber def" to inform another decker to secure a node.


A player with the CyberDeck implant.


The terminal in the security room on the second level of Vaccine (possibly a reference to the movie Hackers and an homage to William Ford Gibson, one of the first authors to write in the cyberpunk genre of literary fiction).


Stands for "Jack In Point", an area used to enter cyberspace.


The real world, as opposed to cyberspace.


A shortened term for the medium class player.


A player who uses both the stealth and sound suppressor implants, becoming very difficult to detect (although at the cost of very high energy drain).


A player who uses the katana and stealth implant in combination, usually rushing or sneaking to take out enemies.


A player who uses the katana as a medium, generally carrying mediplant. Able to do more damage a hit, but less rate of attack, and unable to cloak, as its ninja rival.

Sec room

A shortened term for the security room on the second level of Vaccine.


A player with the Stealth implant.


A shortened term for the TAC Scanner implant.


Nickname for the Spider Grenade; originating from a comic strip in PHWComics. Believed to be named after the lead coder, Teddy.


Thermal vision, allowing a player to see stealthed opponents.


The hotkey combination for an "emote" which would be a stereotypically homosexual voice saying "I don't think so, sista!". This emote was removed in Update 4 due to excessive spamming. Sometimes seen in chat as a general taunt.

Fiction Terms

Comtech Era

Note: See the timeline for more details

The period in the late 20th and early 21st centuries (1980-2025). Well known for great strides made in communications technology and computing, as well as the use of smaller military forces or terrorist groups instead of large armies. When reading about corporations existing in this era, it is important to recall that the "corporations" described are more like modern day "locals", that is non-political entities that exist solely to manufacture their goods and do not have vertical control of their production processes. Additionally, governments were primarily run by the governed with corporations only allowed to lobby and persuade, albeit effectively, elected or appointed officials.


A colloquial shorthand for Coporate Security, the elite and meticulously maintained troops that are hired or employed to protect corporate interests. For more information on CorpSec forces, see the History of Modern Security Forces.


"Nanites" is a catch-all term used to refer to any type of device with a dimensionality in 3-dimensions of less then 100 nm, and usually refers to the autonomous protein-like molecular machines used in the most advanced modern technology.

Plain-sight camouflage

A catch-all term used to distinguish convention camouflage methodology (i.e. blending in to a similar environment, or partially hiding one-self) to camouflage based on modern technologies like the stealth suit, where one can fully expect to stand in plain-sight and remain unseen.


Stim is a slang term for the act of short circuiting a person's neural implants, stimulating the brain and producing pleasure. In decker culture some people spend time creating Stim Programs; programs that deliver calculated electric shocks to the brain to produce complex reactions, and commonly hallucinations. The hallucinations caused by stim programs are commonly erotic in nature. Some Stim programs have caused so much pleasure that people have killed to possess the single copy, only to die from lack of nourishment days later.

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