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Here is the idiot's guide to wiki editing (and a useful cheat-sheet).

You access the editing pane by visiting the appropriate page and then clicking on the edit tab at the top. The editing pane is your best friend. Make sure to use the buttons above it, as well as filling in the "Summary:" box, considering the gravity of the edit for the "minor edit" box, and using the "Show preview" button.

This wiki works by reading a file on the server, parsing it, and returning HTML to a browser, when requested. Normally, text is parsed directly into text in HTML (so, "blah blah" will look like "blah blah"), but there are heaps and heaps of codes to jazz things up. Here are the most useful ones to know, with the code first, then a description, and finally an example of what it looks like to someone browsing.

  • ----

Inserts a horizontal rule (a line going across the page) that will split things up.


^Look! a horizontal rule!

  • --~~~~

Inserts the signature of the profile you are signed in with (make sure you're signed in).


--Pyroguy 14:40, 10 March 2008 (PDT)

  • [[Blah|here]]

Makes the word "here" link to the wiki page named "Blah" (it can also be used in a shortened form [[Bump]], where the word Bump appears on the current page and links to the page named Bump).


Click here to go to the main page!!!


Main Page

  • =Biggest=

Inserts a Level 1 heading (the most noticeable type of heading). Only use it on complex pages.



  • ==Bigger==

Inserts a Level 2 heading (it has a moderate effect). This is the most commonly used, so use it if you are in doubt.



  • ===Heading===

Inserts a Level 3 heading (barely noticeable). Only use this if you want to make subtle transitions or if you need the extra level of heading.



  • [[Category:Awesome Stuff]]

Puts the page in Category:Awesome Stuff, and the footer of the page reflects this. It is current convention to put these at the 'very bottom' of the page, after everything else.

  • {{cool template}}

Uses the template titled "cool template". Templates are more-or-less shortcuts, because they quickly add something flashy or useful to the page. You can see a list of the templates we have here. All wiki tag templates should be at the very top of the page, before anything else.

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