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These are all the guidelines and policies of this Dystopia Wiki. All sorts of information about formatting, when/where to edit pages, when/where to not edit pages, the privileges of SysOps versus regular users, layouts for certain groups of pages; anything having to do with this wiki specifically.

Right now the community is constantly formulating ideas on IRC, so this page will be a work in progress (and it may be split up later on depending on how much is filled in). Jump in our IRC channel; the #dysinformation channel on irc:// to throw your ideas out there. Or use the talk page. Once something gets fairly fleshed out it can be added here.


Text Formatting

Refer to the Wikipedia Manual of Style for formatting rules.

As general exceptions, please BOLD (''') any field/pane/window headings or titles (for instance: See the Weapons pane), and "quote" any buttons, check boxes, or menu selections (").

Use the {{key}} template for keyboard keys; if keys can be re-bound, make sure you specify the default in parentheses.

Use the code tags (<code> and </code>) for console commands, entity names, text entered in a text field, or wiki markup.

Weapons, implants, and class names are considered proper nouns (Medium, Heavy, Assault Rifle, Thermals).

Images and Screenshots

For any in-game screenshot:

  • Upload an undoctored version of the highest allowable quality at 2560 by 1600 resolution
  • Upload a resized, cropped, and/or doctored version no larger than 1280 by 800 resolution
  • Never use the high resolution version on a page
  • Put a link from the page of the resized or doctored version to the high resolution page, and vice-versa

For any logos:

  • Upload a vector image (.svg)
  • Upload a raster render of the vector no larger than 1280 by 800 resolution
  • Put a link from the raster render to the vector image and vice versa

Page Formats

For information on adding tags to the top of articles, see Help:Wiki Tags.

Weapons and Implants

The correct info box, all filled out (see templates).

==Weapon/Implant Overview==

This should consist of a brief paragraph or few sentences describing the function of the weapon or implant in a fairly simple way.

==Usage Guidelines==

This should contain bare-bones information on how to use the weapon or implant, in bullet-point form, such as:

  • What the primary and secondary fire do/what pressing the implant key does
  • How to use the primary and secondary fire modes
  • Basic advice vital to using the weapon or implant

==Tips and Tricks==

This should contain more advanced techniques for taking advantage of the weapon or implant, also in bullet-point form:

  • What other implants work well with the weapon/implant, and why
  • Situational advice - when and where the weapon/implant is best used
  • Other special techniques that might not seem obvious to a new player

==See Also==

This should contain links to any other relevant pages:

  • The main weapons/implants page
  • Any relevant fiction pages

Corporation Pages

  • The logo template, completed with the corporation's logo.


The corp's slogan (if one exists).

  • Any parent/child corps (using the right templates).

  • A brief description of the corporation, including its aims or main focus of activities.


Any extended history, if some exists (not required).


This should contain any rumours or allegations brought against the corporation (no Dystopian corporation is complete without some shady business!)

The relevant categorisations:

  • [[Category:Corporations]] to add the page to the Corporation listing
  • Any industry categories which fit the corporation (see Category:Industries)

Punk Group Pages

  • The insignia template, completed with the group's insignia.


The punk's motto (if one exists).

====Also Known As====

Street slang used to identify the group (if you can think of some).

  • A brief description of the punk group, including its goals or main focus of activities.


Any extended history, if some exists (not required).

==Charged With==

This should contain any crimes the punk group has been convicted or accused of (no Dystopian punks are complete without crime!)

The relevant categorisations:

  • [[Category:Punk Organisations]] to add the page to the Punk listing

Maps (official and third party)

Each map will have 3 separate linked pages.

<map name> Info

This will be the main map page that is linked to from elsewhere. It will contain the map infobox, and any of the associated fiction of the map. It should have a Game Info tag.

<map name> Walkthrough

This page will contain an in-depth walkthrough (format yet to be finalised). It should have a Game Info tag.

<map name> Changelog

This article will contain any change logs, and should have a Support tag.

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