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Welcome to the Dystopia Wiki

This wiki is the informational resource for the Dystopia community. Its goal is to collect all the knowledge about Dystopia in a single place, ranging from technical stuff about the classes, weapons, implants and maps featured in the game, to Team Dystopia's official backstory. It is also a pool for fan fictions, additional support pages, and other contributions from the player base.

We've already amassed an impressive list of fictional organisations (corporations, governmental powers, and punk groups), each with its own, unique logo. There is also a nice atlas, and the beginnings of a timeline. Anyone's contributions are welcome, but don't forget to read the help page before starting.

Looking to create a new page? Be sure to read through existing articles first, and then scan through this page.

Looking for something to do? Check out the community portal for pages that need to be created or updated.


Game Information

The World

Technical Information

Fan Fiction

Other Information


Artwork and Pictures Needed!

If you have any art talent at all, consider contributing something to the wiki; be it a painting, an icon, a sketch, whatever. If you want particulars, try envisioning some of the things in the fan fictions, and drawing based on those. Or, for game info pages, take some screenshots and crop them to be used. If you are good with hammer, try out some of the mapping tutorials and take screenshots while you go, to be added to the support pages later. For you photoshoppers; Corporations, punk organisations, and governments are in constant need of black/white logos, as well as a flashy version to be used in their pages. To upload a file, simply click here.

Before you edit something...

Due to the large amount of information in the wiki, it's important that you read our help page, and take a look at the editing guidelines before adding or editing an article. The community puts a lot of effort into making sure that everything ties in to everything else and that it all makes sense. Make sure that you pay particular attention to approved articles when adding or editing something. See the MFA category for information on what's awaiting approval.

IRC Channel

The wiki has an IRC channel all of its own on the GameSurge network. It's #dysinformation, on (irc:// Join in whenever, or attend the regular meetings. The official Dystopia channel is #dystopia.

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