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Pax Humana (Overview)

An underground human rights movement, Pax Humana evolved after the disbanding of international human rights organizations with the express agenda of advancing humanistic values through non-violent means. While the organization is blacklisted by all major governments, it does have some support amongst more idealistic members of the corporate elite, providing it with substantial resources and funding.

Pax Humana (Militant Wing)

A recently developed splinter cell, the militant wing of Pax Humana specialises in the use of violent tactics in order to disseminate its anti-establishment doctrine. Officially disowned by Pax Humana itself, the militant wing has turned to mercenary work in order to fund their activity, and has been involved in numerous attacks on corporate infrastructure.

While there is little evidence one way or another, cynics suspect that the militant wing was set up by corporate influences in order to discredit the dangerously persuasive ideals of its supposed parent body.

Suspected Of

  • Operating as a Non-Sanctioned Mercenary Organization
  • Conspiracy to Commit Disorder
  • Conspiracy to Commit Assault
  • Assault
  • Conspiracy to Commit Murder
  • Murder
  • Non-Sanctioned Information Sharing
  • Corruption of Civic Morals
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