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(The bottom of this article has instructions for directly embedding an entry into GameConfig.txt).

Note: The Hammer configuration window accepts $SteamUserDir as a substitute for the file path of your Steam user name's directory, and it is used throughout this article for the same purpose.

Before You Start

If you've never set hammer up manually before, you should probably read the VDC's article on settting Hammer up manually first. If you get confused at any point in this article, refer to that article for additional help.

The Source SDK

Steam and the SourceSDK.

Hammer is accessed through a tool-set called the Source SDK. Anyone who owns a Source game has free access to it. To start it, open Steam, and click the Tools tab near the top. In the resulting list is the SourceSDK; launch it (if it is grayed out, you will have to wait for it to download first).

A nifty little routing program opens up. All the important tools of the SDK can be accessed here, but before you can use any of them correctly with Dystopia, you need to set up the Game Configurations through Hammer.

Since the Orange Box was released, there are actually two variations of most programs in the SDK; one set for the Episode One version of Source, and another set for the new Orange Box Source. Dystopia currently runs on the Orange Box Source engine, so in the Engine Version drop-down menu, select "Source Engine 2007".

Note: If you do not own a Valve game that uses the Orange Box Source version of Source, you will not be able to select "Source Engine 2007" from the drop-down menu. Follow the instructions at the bottom of this article to configure Hammer a different way.

Dystopia should not be a Current Game yet, so just launch Hammer by double clicking "Hammer Editor" (see the reference image at right).

Game Configuration

The SourceSDK can be set up to edit any Source-based game or mod, but all the configuring for this is done through the Hammer World Editor. Once the editor loads, open the "Tools" menu in the top left and then click on "Options". A window titled Configure Hammer boldly pops up to announce success.

This window is the business end of SourceSDK configuration (don't let its out-dated title fool you). It should display the Game Configurations tab by default; if not, open it. Then, start to create a new configuration for Dystopia by clicking on the "Edit" button to the right of the Configuration field. Another window should pop up, titled Edit Game Configurations. Click on the "Add" button and type in Dystopia in the text-box. Hit "OK", and then close the Game Configurations window.

Now, from the Configuration drop-down menu, select "Dystopia". And voila, a mostly-blank configuration should be shown.

To the right of the Game Data files field is the "Add" button; click it. Enter in $SteamUserDir\dystopia\dystopia\dystopia.fgd and click "OK". The new file path should show up in the Game Data files field. Then, put these required values into their specified fields:

Game Configuration settings.
Texture Format
"Materials (Half-Life 2)"
Map Type
"Half-Life 2"
Game Executable Directory:
Game Directory:
Hammer VMF Directory:

The other fields are optional, and you can use the default settings. But here is what Dystopia mappers reccomend:

Default PointEntity class
Default SolidEntity class
Default texture scale
Default lightmap scale
Cordon texture

See the reference image at the right for what the finished values should be.

Build Programs Tab

Build Programs settings.

Next, click on the Build Programs tab, all the way to the right at the top of the Configure Hammer window. This tells Hammer what programs to use when compiling your map, which needs to be done before the map can be played. Select "Dystopia" from the Configuration drop-down menu and enter the following required paths in their respective fields:

Game executable
BSP executable
VIS executable
RAD executable
Place compiled maps in this directory before running the game

Again, look at the reference image at right to compare the final result. There are some third party compile tools on the internet that you can download and use in place of Valve's standard ones, and if you have any, change the above fields to make Hammer use them. Third party tools are not required, some people just prefer them over the default ones.

Note: The reference image at the right is outdated and should be updated to match the instructions above. Simply replace 'ep1' with 'source2007'.

Directly Embedding the Configuration

As an alternative to the above process, you can also paste the text below into a file named GameConfig.txt, with a file path of $SteamUserDir\sourcesdk\bin\source2007\bin\GameConfig.txt (if it does not exist, create it first).

Note: If you put a trailing slash (/) in the "GameDir" field, THE WORLD WILL IMPLODE AND HAMMER WILL FAIL AT ALMOST EVERYTHING, so don't put a trailing slash in the "GameDir" field.
			"GameDir"     "<your_steam_user_directory>\dystopia\dystopia"
					"GameData0"     "<your_steam_user_directory>\dystopia\dystopia\dystopia.fgd"
					"TextureFormat"     "5"
					"MapFormat"     "4"
					"DefaultTextureScale"     "0.250000"
					"DefaultLightmapScale"     "16"
					"GameExe"     "<your_steam_user_directory>\dystopia\hl2.exe"
					"DefaultSolidEntity"     "func_detail"
					"DefaultPointEntity"     "light"
					"BSP"     "<your_steam_user_directory>\sourcesdk\bin\source2007\bin\vbsp.exe"
					"Vis"     "<your_steam_user_directory>\sourcesdk\bin\source2007\bin\vvis.exe"
					"Light"     "<your_steam_user_directory>\sourcesdk\bin\source2007\bin\vrad.exe"
					"GameExeDir"     "<your_steam_user_directory>\dystopia"
					"MapDir"     "<your_steam_user_directory>\dystopia\dystopia\mapsrc"
					"BSPDir"     "<your_steam_user_directory>\dystopia\dystopia\maps"
					"CordonTexture"     "tools\toolsblack"
					"MaterialExcludeCount"     "0"
	"SDKVersion"     "3"

You may already have several games declared under the "Games" field. If this is the case, simply copy the block under the "Dystopia" field. You must manually replace <your_steam_user_directory> with the file path of your Steam user name's directory. Once <your_steam_user_directory> has been replaced, save the file, and launch Hammer with "Dystopia" as the Current Game.

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