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The ultimate weapons stats reference. I have all this data in a spreadsheet, and copied it into the awesome table generator at

I have a lot more data I'd like to display

  • Average Accuracy
  • Average Accuracy of Top Twenty Users
  • the above two accuracy values * magazine size * damage per shot = damage per magazine
  • Splash radii for AoE weapons
  • Rate of Splash Damage Dropoff - is it linear, quadratic, exponential?
  • Fuse Time
  • Shots to kill Light/Medium/Heavy

A lot of the numbers may be wrong.

A lot of the formatting is mediocre. Things could be broken into smaller tables possibly - but I didn't want to. Things need to be aligned better in their cells.

It was difficult to find a way to show primary/secondary/headshot damage, rof, etc. Most time you see two numbers X/Y, X is primary, Y secondary. X/ZH means Z is headshot.

Explosive damage should be written to include damage to just health and damage to health & armour.

I still want to have a Weapon Comparison page but it should be a more user-friendly thing with pictures of the guns and just the more basic stats - damage, rof, etc. Basically copying the weapon infoboxes from their respective pages. Keep the ugly/awesome statistical nonsense here.

added a cyberspace damage table,

will update shortly

--Radz 03:19, 14 February 2009 (UTC)

Is rate of fire and time between shots really necessary? It's essentially repeating information. Instead I'd suggest having two columns for damage - one for primary and one for secondary fire, so the existing information with headshots etc can be a bit neater. Otherwise once stuff like tesla is added it will be hell to make sense of. MarvintheParanoidAndroid 13:43, 14 February 2009 (UTC)

ROF and TBS are the same thing turned upside down i.e. ROF = 1/TBS. It's initially there because I wanted ROF because it makes calculations easy, and other people wanted TBS. ROF is good for most automatic weapons, TBS good for semi-auto. Some values are "cleaner" in one form than the other eg: machine pistol 3rps, basi 1 shot every 0.3 seconds, etc. That's just how the developers designed the numbers.

The reason I like ROF is ROF * damage = damage per second, and it makes it easy to rank automatic weapons by firing speed. TBS is good for things like ion or MK or bolt. Mostly with rof < 1.

Using ROF or TBS exclusively makes it easy to sort numbers. High ROF = lots of bullets, fast. We could just have one universal "firing speed" column, with whatever value is a cleaner number eg: AR is 7-15 shots per second, ion is 1 shot every 3.5 seconds. But this is a bit uglier as "high numbers" are not always automatically good/bad.

As for tesla, it needs an explanatory note of how secondary works. --T-1000 13:18, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

OK, well my main problem is that it's pretty unclear what the numbers under (for example) boltgun or basilisk represent - obviously it makes sense to me, but maybe there should be some kind of key explaining which number is which? So have (P), (S), (H), next to numbers where needed. Perhaps the numbers for shotty/bassy/minigun could be made a little clearer somehow, too, with a note or something. MarvintheParanoidAndroid 15:23, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, I need to do a "how to read the damage table." There's stuff on this page that I just dumped in that can be tidied up and put on the actual page. I'll get on it tomorrow. --T-1000 16:59, 16 February 2009 (UTC)



The .75 on the the end of the 8 for the Shotty pellets is meaningless. SG will always do 56 damage on the primary and 112 on the secondary. As for the AR, IT DOES NOT DO 24 -EVER-(You know who you are, Aurion.:P) it will do 22 on the first headshot then 23 on the second hs then 22 on the third hs and so on and so on.--BigToeCommando 16:16, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

3 years of wrong value, with lots of approved versions, and now you blame me..sure thing. But good thats its correct now.--Aurion 17:03, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

Need citations

The following is a list of stats I believe apocraphal or in need of citation.

  • Fist TBS (Believed correct, no sources.)
  • Ion TBS (Believed correct, no sources.)
  • Mach pistol ROF (Either I'm reading it wrong or it has a ROF less then that of the Basilisk's)
  • Minigun ROF (No known source)
  • Minigun damage (Very incorrect, need additional info)
  • GL TBS (No known source)
  • SLP's rof (No known source)

--BigToeCommando 09:32, 24 March 2009 (UTC)

Most of those are copied from their respective wiki articles. I suggest you add them to the requested info, or ask Atomy in IRC. --T-1000 01:36, 25 March 2009 (UTC)

I put in correct numbers for that list, and for the cyberweapons. It's a pain in the ass to try to calculate cyberweapon energy use from the sourcecode, though. I didn't check all the other numbers in all the tables though so don't think I did. --Hyphen-ated 11:53, 29 March 2009 (UTC)

Roger. You sure the ion's TBS is correct? 2 seconds slower then the Fist seems a bit much. What about projectile's ROF? I thought its dps was lower then shafts. --BigToeCommando 11:59, 29 March 2009 (UTC)

oops I wrote down the right new number but accidentally didnt edit it in--Hyphen-ated 12:58, 29 March 2009 (UTC)

  • shotgun .0675 (doubled with 2ndary)
  • ar .013 - .08716
  • basi .034275
  • mp .05234
  • slp .01746 - hard to calculate max
  • mini .07846
  • tesla .05234

the way spread works is like this: there's a unit vector in the direction that the player is looking; imagine it going from the player's gun straight into the air. its endpoint is randomly moved into another point in a disc on the plane that contains the original endpoint and is orthogonal to the view vector. a gun's spread number is the maximum distance the new endpoint can be from the original endpoint. the bullet is fired on the heading indicated by the new vector --Hyphen-ated 14:54, 29 March 2009 (UTC)

  • Mini .0784 - .0711
  • MachP .0523
  • Tesla .0523
  • AR .0013 - 0816
  • SG .0675 - 1350
  • Basi .0342
  • SLP .0174 - ?.????

Alright, cropped the numbers a bit.

MK and other stuff have .0000 right? So, is this list readable and correct? What about the AR's "lerps" or whatever they're called, how do they work? If that's right, the Mini's spread seems really high, I guess it takes into account the screen moving, but perhaps its shot grouping is much tighter? what's the number on the grouping then? the Mini's -.0711 is from Atomy saying crouching decreases spread by 4% btw. And how does the SLPs spread degradation work?--BigToeCommando 05:34, 30 March 2009 (UTC)

why do you have to truncate the numbers; the ones I'm giving you aren't rounded they're exact values. anyway you messed up the AR's.

the first two AR bullets in a burst have minimum spread; the 30th has maximum spread. the inbetween values are linearly interpolated.

all minigun bullet spreads are totally independant of each other. its spread is not that high, compare to mp and shotgun. crouching minigun works as atomy stated.

with smartlocks the spread is the starting value + spreadpenalty. every time you fire, this happens: spreadpenalty += .008 * ( 2.005 / (spreadpenalty + 2)) spreadpenalty decreases at a constant rate of .125 per second. given that the tbs is .15 you can run some math to figure out what each bullet's spread will be if you shoot as fast as you can --Hyphen-ated 17:11, 30 March 2009 (UTC)

What is the initial value for spreadpenalty? Or how often is it decreased (i.e. every shot, or every second)? My maths is coming out strange. Could just be my fault. --T-1000 10:00, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

Preliminary DPS values are shown below. I need to check all the values used in the calculation but things may be evidently wrong to people more used to using some of these weapons. Name: Light Katana Damage: 60 Damage per magazine: 60 DPS: 85.71

Name: Medium Katana Damage: 90 Damage per magazine: 90 DPS: 128.57

Name: Fatman Fist Damage: 120 Damage per magazine: 120 DPS: 80.00

Name: Machine Pistol Damage: 10 Damage per magazine: 240 DPS in one magazine/indefinitely/indefinitely with WR: 100.00/60.00/66.67

Name: Shotgun Damage: 56 Damage per magazine: 336 DPS in one magazine/indefinitely/indefinitely with WR: 140.00/60.00/70.00

Name: Boltgun Damage: 85/127.50H Damage per magazine: 255/382.50H DPS in one magazine/indefinitely/indefinitely with WR: 85.00/28.33/34.00

Name: Laser Rifle Damage: 175/262.50H Damage per magazine: 1312/1969H DPS: 58.33

Name: Smartlock Pistols Damage: 16 Damage per magazine: 480 DPS in one magazine/indefinitely/indefinitely with WR: 106.67/57.83/64.86

Name: Assault Rifle Damage: 15/22.50H Damage per magazine: 600/900.00H DPS in one magazine/indefinitely/indefinitely with WR: 142.86/73.17/83.33

Name: MK-808 Damage: 50/75.00H Damage per magazine: 400/600.00H DPS in one magazine/indefinitely/indefinitely with WR: 84.75/45.87/51.81

Name: Grenade Launcher Damage: 65 Damage per magazine: 260 DPS in one magazine/indefinitely: 86.67/40.00

Name: Tesla Rifle Damage: 14 Damage per magazine: 4200 DPS: 140.00

Name: Ion Cannon Damage: 120 Damage per magazine: 2400 DPS: 48.00

Name: Minigun Damage: 36 Damage per magazine: 3600 DPS in one magazine/indefinitely/indefinitely with WR: 360.00/276.92/292.68

Name: Rocket Launcher Damage: 115 Damage per magazine: 805 DPS: 12.78

Name: Basilisk Damage: 45 Damage per magazine: 540 DPS in one magazine/indefinitely/indefinitely with WR: 150.00/88.52/98.18

--T-1000 04:11, 8 May 2009 (UTC)

WR Swap Times

6:09 PM - Hyphen-ated: float FindOriginalAnimationWeaponSwitchTime(int id, bool wr) { switch (id) { case WEAPON_EMPGRENADE: return wr? 0.7652 : 0.9565; case WEAPON_GRENADE: return wr? 0.7652 : 0.9565; case WEAPON_SPIDERGRENADE: return wr? 0.75 : 0.9375;

case WEAPON_CROWBAR: case WEAPON_KATANA: return wr? 0.53333 : 0.66666; case WEAPON_FIST: return wr? 0.88 : 1.1; case WEAPON_MACHINEPISTOL: return wr? 0.57923: 0.7240;

case WEAPON_SHOTGUN: return wr? 0.63992 : 0.8; case WEAPON_LASERRIFLE: return wr? 0.62111 : 0.7764; case WEAPON_BOLTGUN: return wr? 0.64 : 0.768; case WEAPON_DUALMACHINEPISTOL: return wr? 0.6144 : 0.7814;

case WEAPON_ASSAULT: return wr? 0.777 : 0.9714; case WEAPON_GRENLAUNCHER: return wr? 0.65 : 0.8666; case WEAPON_MK808: return wr? 0.777 : 0.9714; case WEAPON_SPARKY: return wr? 0.8 : 1.0;

case WEAPON_ROCKETLAUNCHER: return wr? 0.935 : 1.16883; case WEAPON_MINIGUN: return wr? 0.9325 : 1.1656; case WEAPON_ION: return wr? 0.96 : 1.2; case WEAPON_BASILISK: return wr? 0.8 : 1.0; }

6:09 PM - Hyphen-ated: these numbers are not determined by this function, they are determined by the animations but I documented them here 6:10 PM - BigToeCommando: What do you mean? 6:10 PM - Hyphen-ated: this is a function in the codebase right now but if I change these numbers it doesnt change the way switchtimes work 6:11 PM - Hyphen-ated: it's all set in the animations and cant be changed except with new animations 6:11 PM - Hyphen-ated: just a side note 6:11 PM - BigToeCommando: Alright, but they're accurate? 6:11 PM - Hyphen-ated: yes 6:12 PM - BigToeCommando: first number is with WR(if WR still gave the bonus), second is without it? 6:12 PM - Hyphen-ated: yes

Explosion Radii

GL 200u Source u4(?) changelog. Cortex 512u. 5u near teammates. Source Hyphen. Need Tesla, Basi, Boltgun, Rocket, Frag, EMP, Spider and Projectile radii data, and the GL confirmed too. Damage data for Basi alt and Spider are needed IIRC, maybe for few other explosive weapons as well. Info on how aoe damage scales over distance would be cool.

  • [09:19:32] <@hyphenated> basi alt 256
  • [09:19:45] <@hyphenated> emp 256
  • [09:20:02] <@hyphenated> gl 225
  • [09:20:13] <@hyphenated> rocket 340
  • [09:20:38] <@hyphenated> spider 175
  • [09:20:54] <@hyphenated> tesla 320
  • [09:21:40] <@hyphenated> frag nade 300
  • [09:22:33] <@hyphenated> bolt 256
  • [09:22:40] <@BigToeCommando> Danke!
  • [09:22:55] <@MarvinPA> sexy
  • [09:22:57] <@BigToeCommando> these all scale linearly?
  • [09:23:09] <@MarvinPA> oh, cortex?
  • [09:23:10] <@hyphenated> i dont know how they scale
  • [09:23:19] <@hyphenated> its the stock valve scaling for explosions
  • [09:23:40] <@BigToeCommando> I already have the cortex value stashed somewhere
  • [09:23:46] <@hyphenated> 512
  • [09:23:46] <@BigToeCommando> 512 iirc
  • [09:23:52] <@MarvinPA> cool
  • [09:24:17] <@MarvinPA> projectile?
  • [09:25:01] <@hyphenated> 256
  • [...]
  • [23:54] <@hyphenated> distdmg = (weapon_radius - actual_distance) / weapon_radius
  • [23:54] <@hyphenated> distdmg is thus between 0 and 1
  • [23:54] <@hyphenated> the actual damage done is base_damage * distdmg
  • [23:54] <@hyphenated> (this is for projectile, it's probably the same for the rest though)
  • [23:55] <@hyphenated> that looks linear
  • <@hyphenated> ion damage lerps from 120 to 60 between 256 and 2048 units
  • <@BigToeCommando> hyphenated, how long is the delay on the Ion after you fire before you can swap weapons?
  • <@hyphenated> its .5s
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