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Starter for the top DGL team, the Pipe Smokin' Yetis.

He is PsY's killing machine. Has been told to "STFU and kill things like you always do" many times by other members of PsY (Usually Whiteknight). Weapon of Choice is the MK-808 "Rape Edition" with a side of Long-Katana.

The name Furtal1ty is name that he came up with while pubbing in Dystopia one night. Contrary to popular belief, the name is not a direct parody of professional gamer Fatal1ty's name. In reality the only thing copied was the use of a '1' instead of an 'i'; the name was conjured up without knowledge of Fatal1ty. The name was conjured up when one night alot of furfags were on a server, and players were coming up with names involving the word 'Fur'. It was not intended to have a specific meaning, but the best definition is probably "Death by a Furry".

Furtal1ty is in no way a furry, but instead takes joy out of the rage some people display when they get pwnt by someone they think is a gay furry.

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