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Writer and dystopia player



Sector is a part-time science fiction writer, science fiction artist, and medium ranked Dystopia player. He is a student, a member of The Chosen Ones clan, and a part-time source mapper.


Sector is a Heavy Augmented Armor ambush fighter, favouring the Ion Cannon, Thermal Vision, and Wired Reflexes. Sector is often found rushing into open areas, distracted by player sprays, or killed while typing. The ratio of kills to deaths is often a 0.5:1. Sector often tries different classes and will switch multiple times during a match in order to temporarily reduce spawn time, stealth, or just for a faster moving player.

Things to watch for

1. The Ion Cannon is sectors favorite weapon, and most used.

2. Sector is not capable in melee combat, and will often be killed by a light Katana.

3. Sector has been known to team kill occasionally, due to thermal or proximity of teammate to an enemy. It has never been reported as intentional.

4. If sector is not moving, that means that his laser mouse is not being recognized and has turned off. If this happens for an extended period of time, he will disconnect via console, or has allready crashed and will appear to leave seconds later.

Final notes

Sector is overall a good sport in game, who will apreciate any help given and likewise apreciates giving help. Hes not the best, but not the worst either, so go out and play dystopia.

Other names

|T| :D


Lux Aeterna

|T| Sector

|T| Sector Psycho


|T| Raptor


Sector currently has a broken laser mouse. It refuses to stay on for more than a few seconds at a time. Even wierder is that it refuses to stay off for more than a few seconds.

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