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A new purge approaches. Game Overview needs work. Damage table needs tidying and for data to be copied over into weapons table. Also, new Spread page needs info. Also, Objectives are included as devices! How did that happen? Gah!

There's a bunch of more detailed articles that would be of interest to more experienced players (i.e. not newbies). These need a home. Somewhere that links to all the heavier numbercrunching or game mechanic info. For now, I'll link to them here.

The great weapons page purge of February '09 has come to an end. Much was put to the blade. As promised, what survived the cleansing has become a page worthy of this good game, a veritable phoenix rising from the ashes of inadequacy.

There is still much to be done. While none of the weapons pages fill me with rage any more, some are much better than others and they all need to be brought up to the same standard. The damage table is incomplete and in parts inaccurate.

I also need to copy reload time info from the Wired Reflexes page and put it in the weapons - I don't know why this wasn't initially in there.

Much of the cyberspace stuff has been expanded and contains information they needed but lacked.

I need to go over the implants now that weapons are reasonable.

I need more numbers. See the Requested Info for the numbers I need.


  • cut up awesome weapons image by class, upload separately
  • complete and expand damage table
  • all implants, like weapons
  • put reload time in weapons tables
  • find grenade fuse time
  • health, weapons and armour system page if nobody else does it
  • katana section OK
  • MP OK
  • All light weapons OK.

Damage table

There once was a dream called Rome. Now there is a dream called Damage Table.

  • damage per shot - normal and headshot
  • rate of fire (number of shots per second). Include minimum and maximum of AR, and time to increase
  • spread - minimum and maximum
  • time to increase spread from minimum to maximum
  • time for spread/rate of fire to drop back down
  • reload time (this is in the WR page already)
  • magazine size
  • number of magazines
  • average damage per magazine in the hands of an average player, calculated by (number of bullets)*(average accuracy of all players with that weapon)
  • average damage per magazine in the hands of a player who's really good with that gun, calculated by (number of bullets)*(average accuracy of top ten or twenty players with that weapon)
  • number of shots to kill each class
  • for AoE, splash damage radius
  • for AoE, splash damage dropoff rate if possible (linear? exponential?)
  • for ion - damage dropoff rate if possible (linear? exponential?)
  • grenade fuse times - GL and each class' grenade
  • Number of projectiles per fire - basilisk, MG, anything else that does multiple flechettes per bullet.
  • how the hell tesla secondary does damage

<@Atomy> 1.0s <@Atomy> dmg 85 <@Atomy> reload 1.5 <@Atomy> gravity 0.15 <+BigToeCommando> Ooh, exactly 1.o? <@Atomy> delay 1.0s <@Atomy> boltvelo 3500

<+BigToeCommando> What about the shotgun;s rof, alt and primary <@Atomy> dmg 8.75 <@Atomy> bulletcount 7 <@Atomy> rate 0.4 <@Atomy> spread 0.0675 <+BigToeCommando> O_o bullet count 7? <+BigToeCommando> dmg per pellet? <@Atomy> cause double shot is done with *2 spread, *2 bulletcount <+BigToeCommando> it's primary fires every 0.4 seconds? <@Atomy> yeah <+BigToeCommando> and alt at 0.8/s? <@Atomy> secondary rate * 2 = reloadtime <@Atomy> err <@Atomy> nextattack <+BigToeCommando> recoil, right.

<+BigToeCommando> How about bloack stats and rof on katanas? <@Atomy> sounds a bit odd to me, refire 0.7 <@Atomy> penalty for hitting a blockedtana is 1.0 with wr, 1.25 without <@Atomy> added to the refire <@Atomy> if i'm not wrong <+BigToeCommando> so 1.7 cooldown after getting blocked with no WR? <@Atomy> 1.25+0.7

<+BigToeCommando> How long can you hold a block for? <@Atomy> i see a 3.0 <@Atomy> that should it be <@Atomy> after releasing a block the refirerate is * 0.5 <+BigToeCommando> should test it with a lower refireraate ^.^ <@Atomy> so if you stop blocking refire is devided if your block expires you got full refire <@Atomy> interesting <@Atomy> i think its time to get the katana award back <+BigToeCommando> eh, you block faster if you don't let it expire? <@Atomy> i thought about the primary attack <@Atomy> but secondary could be the same <@Atomy> hm

Atomy descends from the heavens and is generous with information

<Atomy> ConVar cvar_dys_weap_minigundmg( "dys_weap_minigundmg", "12", FCVAR_REPLICATED | FCVAR_CHEAT ); <Atomy> ConVar cvar_dys_weap_minigunbullets( "dys_weap_minigunbullets", "3", FCVAR_REPLICATED | FCVAR_CHEAT ); <Atomy> ConVar cvar_dys_weap_minigunspread( "dys_weap_minigunspread", "0.07846", FCVAR_REPLICATED | FCVAR_CHEAT ); <Atomy> ConVar cvar_dys_weap_minigunreflexes( "dys_weap_minigunreflexes", "0.5", FCVAR_REPLICATED | FCVAR_CHEAT );

<Atomy> ConVar cvar_dys_weap_minigunrate( "dys_weap_minigunrate", "0.1", FCVAR_REPLICATED | FCVAR_CHEAT ); <Atomy> ConVar cvar_dys_weap_minigunphysforce( "dys_weap_minigunphysforce", "60", FCVAR_REPLICATED | FCVAR_CHEAT ); <Atomy> / Time taken to fully wind up/down <Atomy> #define MINIGUN_WIND_TIME 1.5 <Atomy> #define MINIGUN_GRACE_TIME 0.5 <BigToeCommando-laptop> dys_weap_minigunrate is rof, right? that'd be 0.1 seconds right? <Atomy> should be <BigToeCommando-laptop> Yeah, but only its crazy screen moving spread I bet <Atomy> if ( pPlayer->GetFlags() & FL_DUCKING ) spread *= 0.96;

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